We assist building product manufacturers and industry organizations with product research, development, testing, and performance monitoring. We have the depth of expertise to address all aspects of the building enclosure in detail. This means understanding the behaviour of assemblies, components, and materials, as well as the construction and design issues that will impact performance.

Standard Testing…and Beyond

We are known for our practical construction advice, advanced building science knowledge, and specialized analysis capabilities for building materials and assemblies. Often, we start with a standard test and then refine it for the client’s actual needs. In some cases, we have developed completely new processes and equipment to answer a challenging or novel question. Find examples of our testing capacity under Research Facilities.

Broad Research + Testing Capabilities

Standard tests are sometimes needed to answer a specific question or fulfill legal or QA requirements. In addition to custom or modified testing, RDH-BSL can perform standard testing in many areas, including:

  • Air leakage
  • Thermal performance
  • Moisture performance
  • Hygrothermal modeling (WUFI)
  • Masonry durability
  • Structural performance


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“We have…found RDH’s state of the art laboratory facilities to be very responsive and cost effective at resolving code, site or manufacturing specific issues.”

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