Really knowing buildings means knowing them at different scales: you have to know how materials behave, but also how assemblies, enclosures, and whole buildings behave. You also have to consider change over time and the differences that exist across climate zones. Our project- and product-specific testing can answer a lot of questions, but for broader issues we also conduct research on a broader scale – often over many years and with multiple industry partners. You can read more about this work in the Technical Library.

A Balanced Approach

Laboratory tests and computer-based modeling are indispensable tools – but real-world data is also critical. For that reason, we recommend and conduct both controlled lab studies and field research, striving at all times to achieve a balance between the certainty of experimental control and the usability of knowledge gained under real-world conditions.

Both our laboratory and field research are also influenced by hands-on experience. Most of our team members also work on new construction and retrofit projects, providing services such as design review, energy modeling, and forensic investigation. Their insights lead to practical, high-quality research design and analysis.


A Broad Building Science Knowledge Base

Our team includes expertise in all areas of building science. We can answer questions about rain, vapour, air, and thermal control; about energy use; about HVAC performance. Whether using computer models or physical experiments, each project is based on a thorough understanding of the research question and the methods appropriate to answer it.

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