RDH-BSL maintains research facilities in Waterloo, Ontario, and Vancouver, BC, and also conducts field research at various locations across North America. Our research work is wide-ranging: we help manufacturers with product development; we design and conduct advanced material properties tests; we undertake major research programs with government and industry partners. Each project is approached as a unique challenge, requiring a solution tailored to the needs of our clients and industry partners. As a result, we regularly design and construct new research equipment and develop new test procedures. We also design and construct custom equipment for clients.

Our experts are knowledgeable about ASTM, CSA, and other standards, and incorporate this knowledge in custom test development. We can also perform standard testing when needed. Learn more.

Some of the research equipment and facilities that we use (and build, and adapt) include:

Advanced Thermal Measurement (ATM) Apparatus Field Exposure Test Racks
ASTM C518 Thermal Conductivity Machine Relocatable Building Enclosure Test Stations (RBETS)
Drainage/Drying Test Apparatus Sensors and Data Logging Systems for Field Monitoring
Deflection Testing Area Airtightness Testing (Blower Doors)
Controlled Temperature/Humidity Room ASTM E1105 Water Penetration Testing Equipment
Masonry Freeze-Thaw Testing Area Custom Fabricated Rain Gauges