RDH Building Science Laboratories provides a range of R&D services, including standard and custom testing of materials, components, and assemblies. We also share our knowledge and enthusiasm for building science through communications and training services. We strive to combine scientific principles and hard data with an understanding of what people really need to know to make real-world decisions.

A Passion for Building Science, in the Lab and in the Field

RDH Building Science Laboratories is a division of RDH Building Science Inc. Most of our researchers and technicians also do consulting work for the larger company, gaining hands-on knowledge of the issues designers and builders are dealing with day to day. We believe that scientific principles and well-designed research can help address those issues.

We put that belief into practice on research and testing projects in field settings across North America, in our laboratory in Waterloo, Ontario, and in research facilities connected with our other office locations. We also provide customized training and communications services for different audiences within the building industry. You can find examples of our work in our Technical Library.

Company History

Building Science Laboratories began as part of Building Science Consulting Inc. (BSCI). Following BSCI’s merger with RDH in November 2015, we became RDH Building Science Laboratories. Even before the merger, our researchers collaborated on many projects; core team members have been doing building science together since 2006.

Our growing team continues to answer tough questions and provide clear, usable scientific knowledge about how buildings, building assemblies, and building materials work. We now have research and testing capacity at multiple offices, and benefit from the perspectives of local staff in multiple climate zones and jurisdictions.


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